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Michael Roderick is a founder, speaker, and connector with an insatiable level of curiosity about the world. He works with clients to curate, extend, and leverage their existing networks for the purpose of getting higher paid engagements, speaking opportunities, and becoming thought leaders in their industry.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Michael grows his network and connects with people
  • Intuition vs. Experience
  • Michael’s writing process
  • Tips for engaging potential clients
  • How he writes everyday
  • Michael’s writing habits and routine
  • Consistency over perfection
  • How to increase productivity
  • Mailing list etiquette

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Tips for Engaging Potential Clients

Every magician has a trick that they can show somebody, and what does it do? It makes you want to learn more tricks because you see how it works.

So a lot of the time, when you give someone this small piece of advice, they’re going to want to know more about it and get deeper into it.

The next thing you know, they’d want to avail of your services.

How Michael Writes Everyday (Content Creation Tips)

When it comes to writing, I just allow myself to suck. You can’t be consistent and always be brilliant. It’s just impossible.

But you can discover new things if you’re consistent. You’re not going to discover new things if you’re not consistent. That’s why consistency, for me, is more important than putting out the most perfect piece. It helps me develop my process and my skill better.

Worry Less, Do More

The second that you create a whole bunch of expectations on yourself of what’s going to happen or how it’s going to work, you’re basically living in the future as opposed to living in the present.

But if you don’t sit there agonizing over all the expectations of what you’re hoping to happen when you’re reaching out to somebody or selling something to somebody, then you can be more productive, and help people more effectively.

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