“When it comes to sales, don’t sell things that people don’t need and just give them something useful that they could get excited about.”

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Steven Norman is a seasoned B2B sales leader and general manager, with over twenty-five years’ experience in consumer, small business and enterprise sales. Throughout his career, he has worked for leading technology brands including Dell, NEC and Targus and has been responsible for over US$4 billion in sales. He is the founder of Growth Acumen, which helps companies implement world-class sales practices and leadership development.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • What the “growth” mindset is
  • The Sales Mindset
  • How to have a healthier mindset
  • Mindset management
  • Managing your emotions

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Choosing to Grow

Having a growth mindset makes you feel like you can do anything that you want; but you just can’t do everything because the way to grow is to commit to something, and to let go of the other ideas that you have.

There’s really only so many things you can do, so you should choose which ones you want to grow into and commit to it.


What Sales Is About

Before, I thought that all that matters in sales is what you say to your customers, but now, I realize that it’s not only about what you say, it’s also about listening.

If you have that mindset about sales, then selling becomes easier and it gives you more confidence to sell your product, because you know what your customer needs and how you can help them.


Better Mindsets, Better Decisions

It’s hard to be mindful about the mindsets that run in your brain and with your emotions, but if you’re able to do that, then that would benefit you so much. You can make better decisions, which can ultimately lead to better habits and a better life.

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