Stop Chasing the Ghost by Letting Go of the End Game with Ari Galper

Are you addicted to ‘Hope-ium’? Don’t leave an important sale to chance.

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Clients are aware of old sales tactics. They expect some form of manipulation and pressure from you so you can move the sale forward. You on the other hand have been conditioned to expect rejection and believe that it is just part of the game. Well, clear out the cobwebs, shift your language and measure your success by how deep you go on each conversation not how many conversations you have. Ari’s Unlock the Game approach allows you to remove the pressure on yourself and your client by helping you to get to the truth and solve problems instead of playing the numbers.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] It’s socially acceptable to lie to sales people

[10:17] Ari’s philosophy is the opposite of what most people teach

[11:40] Build trust with people

[12:30] Myth #1 – Sales is a what game

[14:38] Myth #2 – A sale is lost at the end of the process

[15:55] Myth #3 – Rejection is part of the sales game

[18:10] Chasing the Ghost

[18:45] Core Principle – Diffuse Pressure

[21:20] Where do you think we should go from here?

[23:51] Make twice as much money by letting go of the end goal

[24:18] Delivery and slowing things down

[26:15] Core Principal – Getting to the truth

[29:43] Don’t get addicted to ‘hopium’

[31:30] Remove “Follow up” from your vocabulary

[33:53] Stop selling!

[34:35] Do you have any feedback from our ….?

[36:49] Core Principle – Problem Solver

[39:40] Unlock the Sales Game book


Unlock the Game