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A Real Life Example of Attacking Resistance

A Real Life Example of Attacking Resistance

A morning stream of conscious thought...

It is quite interesting how resistance shows up in our lives. It shows up in the form of obstacles—both mental and physical—that keep us from following through on what we say we are going to do. We manifest most, if not all, of this resistance for ourselves. Here I am this morning knowing that I have committed to writing an article. But here I am putting up all kinds of roadblocks for myself. Since 5:00 a.m., I’ve been asking myself what I am going to write about. Now that I’m in front of the keyboard at 6:30 a.m., Anna has come downstairs and is interrupting me. Jack, our dog, is wandering around and won’t settle down.  I have manifested all of these circumstances as a means of avoiding doing what I know that I should be doing.

The question that I have to ask myself is What am I fearing? Could it be that I fear that I will not be successful in my writing or that my writing will not be appreciated? I need to fall into the energy of simply loving to write. I really do love to write. Just look at me now, throwing the words on paper and thoroughly enjoying the process. Why is that happening? Could it be that I am not writing for anyone other than myself? I think that is exactly it.

I feel resistance to writing when I define success as receiving acknowledgement of my writing. I need to let go of that expectation and instead fall in love with the process of writing. That is how to overcome the resistance. Doing what we love to do is easy.

How does this concept apply to sales? Overcoming resistance to selling is a matter of falling in love with the energy that comes from the activities of sales: meeting new people, listening to people, communicating with people, finding solutions to people’s problems, and so forth.

We need to let go (and yes, it is a struggle) of the idea that sales is something we do to other people. We need to let go of our subconscious desire to be acknowledged by our clients. We resist the act of doing. We can choose to be attracted to the act of being.

But what does it mean to “be” in sales?

It means falling in love with the journey. It means falling in love with the energy of sales.

So many people go through the day doing many things. We react to stimuli in our environments. Reacting is not the energy we need, however. Creating is the energy that makes us act. When we are being, we are creating.

We are not human doings. We are human beings.

We need to make sales about being, not doing.

Think of things that you love to do. Are you doing them, or are you being them?

I love to snowmobile. When I am snowmobiling, I am being. I am being with my friends. I am being with my environment. I am being the laughter. I am being the moment.

What do you love to do? Spend time with your family? Walk your dog? Spend time in nature? Carve wood to create mailboxes for your friends and family? Golf? Ski? It’s probably fair to say that you are not really doing these things even when you do them? You are being them. You are one with the activity and the moment.

You may be thinking How does this apply to sales?

In our minds, we create stories about sales. These stories focus on the doing. We make connections with prospects. We make calls or send emails. We provide information. We follow up. We close deals. The stories that we create about sales usually involve us doing something to other people. But underneath all of that doing is the being. The being is what we can fall in love with. We can be with people. We offer solutions to problems. We provide great service to our customers who really could—and should—be our friends if we are conscious of the being in our doing.

We can all enjoy what we do if we fall in the love with the being behind the doing.

How can we do that?

That is a topic for another day. I am going to love writing about it.

What do you think? Are you doing or being?

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