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Are You Networking or Connecting on LinkedIn?

Are You Networking or Connecting on LinkedIn?

It is one thing to network. It is another thing to connect. Networking in the face-to-face world is meeting someone, shaking his or her hand, and chatting briefly and ensuring you get your name and what you do into the conversation. Connecting, however, requires putting your personality and energy into networking. Doing so ensures that the emphasis is placed less on you and your story and more on your new connection and his or her story.

The LinkedIn platform presents two choices for ways to meet people. You can use the platform to either network or to network and connect.

Recently I wrote an article on how to find a mentor on LinkedIn. The article was well received. As I do in all of my articles, I invited readers to connect with me. Because the article was shared quite a bit, I received a bunch of new connection requests. I enjoy the process of meeting and getting to know new people, so I accepted all of them. But there is a big difference between networking and connecting.

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. So here is a tale of two LinkedIn connection requests.

Please note that Joseph's invite is a masked invite and I asked Sagar for permission to share his wonderful connection request.

In this example, who is just networking and who is truly connecting?

I accepted both invitations, but I looked at Sagar’s profile and replied to his connection request. Since then we have corresponded back and forth a number of times and are getting to know each other. We are connecting.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for connecting with people, but what you take from it will be determined by what you put into it.

Presently, do you use LinkedIn to network or to connect?


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