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The Biggest Hurdle Facing Small Businesses in the Digital Age

The Biggest Hurdle Facing Small Businesses in the Digital Age

How people buy is evolving. Entrepreneurs and salespeople must evolve too. Buyers are doing more and more of their research online prior to engaging directly with the businesses that they feel may have the solution they need. 

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Think about it for a moment: What was the last significant purchase you made? Mine was a tracking device that I can use, when my son and I are snowmobiling, to ensure that if we get ourselves in trouble we can be reached.

To deciding which solution I wanted, I went online and looked up some of the devices that I had heard about from other people. I read reviews of each of the products. While my conscious mind went to work comparing the devices, my subconscious mind decided which unit felt best to me.

I picked one. Because I needed the device quickly, I decided to buy it locally rather than order it from an online retailer. So, I went in search of a local business that carried that particular device.

That’s where it got hard.

Every business looked the same to me. They all had websites with logos and lots of features and benefits of their products. Some websites looked to be of very amateur quality, so I eliminated those from my consideration. But I was left with at least four small businesses that, on the surface, looked very much alike. I picked the one closest to my house. When I went in, I was greeted by the lovely owner. Over the next twenty minutes, Beth told me stories about people using the device in the exact location that I snowmobile. Her stories resonated with me. She wasn’t pushy. She was authentic. I thought, Wow, why doesn’t her website reflect her stories and personality?

In the digital age, the biggest sales hurdle facing small businesses is conformity.

I believe that every owner of a small business has a unique story that, if told properly, will resonate with prospective buyers.

In 2005, my good friend Daniel went in search of a lot for a waterfront cottage within a forty-five minute drive of his home. He had decided that he wanted a home away from home.

His search came up empty, so he created a vision for a new development of cottages. He has devoted the past ten years of his one life to building the perfect country cottage in that area. This is Daniel’s story. This is the story that captivated Jennifer and me in 2009, when we went looking for a home away from home within forty-five minutes of our house.

This is the story that he tells on his website. This story resonates with other people who are searching for land where they can build their own cottages. Daniel is promoting his uniqueness. He easily could have fallen into the trap of conformity. But he’s thankful that he didn’t.

If you’re a small business owner and looking to grow your business, flaunt what makes you and your business unique. Tell your story, and demonstrate your agility in serving your ideal customer. Customers will line up at your door.

Is this something that you do, or you're planning to do for your business? Share your story in the comments below.

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