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Emotional Selling: What Your Customers Are ACTUALLY Buying From You

Emotional Selling: What Your Customers Are ACTUALLY Buying From You

What Are You Selling?

Now, before you say, “coaching services,” “great coffee,” or “a million-dollar business secret that will knock your socks off,” hear me out.

I’m just finishing up the modules of my Successful Sales System, and this morning I reflected about one of its key takeaways: Our customers don’t buy our products or services. They don’t buy twelve months of coaching at a discounted price or handpicked coffee from Iceland. They buy what the product or service will do for them.

As entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to get deep into our business and caught up in features. But the truth is that people buy only two things: good feelings and solutions to their problems. By reacquainting ourselves with the real undertones—not just the features—of our products or services, we can go to market and create the energy around those products or services that, ultimately, will convince people to buy from us.

Take a small step back, and think about what you’re really selling.

Maybe you’re a weight-loss coach. Are you selling training and guidance that will help your client to lose weight? Or are you selling the feelings that clients will have after losing weight? Are you selling the idea that the client will be able to sit in a chair comfortably? Are you selling improved self-esteem?

Maybe you’re an insurance salesperson. Are you selling insurance? Or are you selling peace of mind? Are you enabling your clients to sleep easily, knowing that their families are taken care of?

Maybe you’re in the restaurant and food service industry. Are you selling a specific type of food? Or are you selling the joy of getting together with family and friends?

My challenge to you this week is for you to take a step back, think about your product or service, think about your business, and decide what you’re really selling. I guarantee that if you do that you’ll be more successful.

This is part one of a very quick, multi-part series. Next week, I’ll share some techniques that will enable you to create positive emotions in your buyers and recognize your buyers’ emotions.

Have a great week!

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