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Every Entrepreneur Needs to Write

Every Entrepreneur Needs to Write

An entrepreneur wears many hats: idea formation, idea promotion, idea building, idea delivery, idea scaling, idea restructuring, and so on. Entrepreneurs have within themselves experiences that, if shared with others, can provide immense value to their personal brands, their companies’ brands, other entrepreneurs, and prospective clients.

With the explosive growth of social networks, we are relying increasingly on ecosystems of connections to find what we need to thrive. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to get their story out there so that it can be found by prospective clients.

Just yesterday, I decided that I needed to invest in some webinar technology. Rather than spending the time to research all of the options, I asked a couple of my friends—people in my network—what they use and whether they would endorse it. One product quickly rose to the top. The entrepreneur who developed the technology has been putting his story out there for the last few years. His story resonates, people learn from it, and he has built a thriving company around it.

Another company that has seen some impressive growth recently offers a software-as-a-service solution for help desks. The owner of that company began writing while the company was in its infancy and documented the trials and tribulations toward a viable solution. Many people have gone along for the ride and learned from the experience. When it comes time to purchase help-desk software, those followers likely will do business with this company and recommend it to other people in their networks.

In early 2014, I decided that it was finally time to write the book I had dreamed about for so long. As part of the writing process, I documented my own personal story and realized, to my surprise, that there was a lot in it that other people could benefit from. I began to blog about the topics of sales, relationship building, personal branding, and motivation. I integrated my many personal stories into my articles, and people began to come along for the ride. My following consisted of only a few people in the early days, but it grew as time went on. When it came time to launch my book, I had a foundation of people who could not wait to get their hands on the book. LinkedIn is full of people just like me who share their stories and experiences for the benefit of others.

If you’re like the many people I have spoken with about this topic over the past twelve to eighteen months, you’re saying “But I can’t write” or “But I don’t have time to write” or you’re asking “What would I write about?”

There are quick answers to all of these excuses and questions:

But I can’t write.

I also believed that I couldn’t write. (Check out this article.) However, I came to the realization that, if I wanted my brand to be seen and wanted to help others through my story, I had to get over that fear. If you have no desire to get over your fear of writing, consider other equally powerful mediums, such as video and audio. Or, better yet, use all three.

But I don’t have time to write.

I wrote an article in which I described how I became a morning person specifically so that I would have the time to write. I started small, and now I write 500–1,000 words each day during a span of only thirty to forty-five minutes. You can find the time to write. I’ve written articles while waiting for my daughter at her flute lessons and while riding the Union Pearson (UP) Express train between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Union Station in downtown Toronto, which is only a twenty-five-minute ride. I have also written by speaking into my iPhone and transcribing the recording in the evening before going to bed. You can make the time.

What would I write about?

I started by documenting my own story in bullet-point form. Then I looked at each of the bullet points and brainstormed the value from each individual story. I now do this on an ongoing basis. So, the articles I write today are based on my recent experiences. Each of us has a unique story. We just need to look under the surface to find the value in it. Who better to do that than you!


In my opinion, entrepreneurs who have the desire to create and grow a company, to make a company thrive, must first have in their hearts the desire to help others. One of the earliest steps you can take is writing and sharing the journey. If you do it well, there will be a line out the door on opening day.

Do you agree that entrepreneurs need to share their journeys by writing about them, that they should make it a priority? Have you come across any good examples that you can share?


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