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How to Grow Your Brand Using Facebook Ads

How to Grow Your Brand Using Facebook Ads

In last week’s podcast, Krystal Hobbs and I talked about Facebook and Facebook Ads, and how we entrepreneurs can use them to grow our brands.


Krystal recommends that, even if you are your business, you have your own Facebook page. A Facebook page does three things for you:

  • Gives you access to analytics.
  • Gives you access to advertising.
  • Connects you with clients who may not be comfortable adding you as a Facebook friend, which would give you access to some of their personal information.

But creating a Facebook page is one thing; growing your audience is another. As it stands, you can’t just create a page and wait for thousands of people to follow you. You have to consistently publish good content and use advertising to your advantage.

If you want to get consistent engagement on your Facebook page, what can you do? How can you use Facebook ads so that people will know you, like you, trust you, and remember you?

Watch the short video below for some tips.

How to Get Started with Facebook Ads

  • Build awareness. For one to three months, reach out to new people and encourage them to interact with your page and posts. Reengage with people who have done business with you before.

  • Start with a video views campaign or a post engagement campaign. This allows you to get your content in front of your target audience, and get them to like, comment, share, or start a conversation with you - whatever your goal is. 

  • Be consistent. If you want to convert strangers to followers and then to customers, you need to post consistently. But you don’t have to post on your page all day, every day. Just pick the days and times you want to post and what you want to post.

Soon, your Facebook page will be doing well. People will be engaging with your posts, visiting your website, or signing up for your email list. They’re responding to you. They’re interested. That’s when you can start to advertise specific promotions to them.

Don’t run ads that lead to selling to people who’ve never heard from you before. You’ll be wasting your money. Instead, build awareness, create engagement, and then convert your audience into a group of ideal customers.

Want to watch/listen to the entire episode? Click here.

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