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How To Be Discovered

How To Be Discovered

My bold statement: Sales-minded entrepreneurs and sales professionals who do not make the decision to embrace personal branding will go the way of the dinosaur while those who do make that decision and do it well will own the majority of future business.

It is a well-documented fact that buyers make decisions emotionally and justify them logically. What does this mean? They go with what they feel is right. Feeling is simply conscious awareness of the vibrational state of the mind and body. If someone feels really good about you (likes and trusts you), his or her body is vibrating at a high rate when thinking about you. If someone does not feel good about you (does not like or trust you), his or her body is vibrating at a slower rate when thinking about you; the person’s mind—likely, intuition—is indicating that something is off.

Have you ever pulled back from purchasing something that you needed because the person selling it just felt off, even though all logic pointed to you making the purchase? Of course you have.

So, here we are at the start of 2017. The mass adoption of the Internet is more than 25 years old. Many key decision makers do not remember a life in which they could not access information at their fingertips. Just imagine what things will be like 5 years from now! My bold prediction is that no conversations between sellers and buyers will take place without the buyer first getting to know the seller via the consumption of media. We are trending well in that direction.

Therefore, entrepreneurs—regardless of product, service, or company—should be considering this trend and taking advantage of it. Those who do not will spend their time fighting over table scraps left behind by those who step up.

How can you build a personal brand?

Well, it is much like decorating a cake. Almost all of the cake is the foundation. That aspect of your personal brand comes from being a lifelong learner and sharing what you learn with others along the way. To continue the metaphor, the icing on the cake that is your personal brand is how you share your knowledge and expertise. Here are some ideas:

  1. Establish a personal blog
  2. Record a weekly video and upload it to YouTube
  3. Start an e-newsletter and invite people to subscribe
  4. Start a podcast - Interview other thought leaders who can provide value to your community or just talk into the microphone on your own.
  5. Self-publish a book
  6. Publish articles on LinkedIn, Medium or beBee
  7. Start a weekly Twitter discussion
  8. Offer yourself as a speakerStart with local events and then, eventually, branch out nationally and even internationally.

The list can go on. The point is that you have inside yourself knowledge, expertise, and stories that can benefit other people. Some of those people are in buying mode. Others are still researching. But you can be sure that everything they are consuming is hitting them at an emotional level.

“But I don’t have anything to share.”

The objection that I hear most often is “But I don’t have anything to share.” I have a very easy answer to that: You most certainly do. Like every other progressive soul, you are moving forward. The best learnings come as part of the process of moving forward. Just share your process. It’s that simple.

Have you decided to embrace personal branding? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What is working? What is holding you back?

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