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How to Get Started on YouTube

How to Get Started on YouTube

I just launched a new series on my podcast and YouTube channel. Called Get Known on Social Media, it features six experts and six social media platforms.

Video has been instrumental in growing my brand and attracting new, high-paying clients. When you put yourself out there in videos, you allow people to get to know you. They see your face and hear your voice. The connection is stronger than when they read words you’ve written. Video has been amazing for my personal brand.

Last week, I met with Brighton West. Brighton has built a thriving community on YouTube that has helped to make his business—producing videos and helping coaches and consultants to use video to grow their followings—successful.

In that episode, we talked about YouTube: how to get started on the platform, how to build authority, how to leverage ads, how to avoid penalties, how to produce simple videos, how to use YouTube’s tools, and a whole lot more. Below are the major takeaways. But don’t miss out on the rest of the good stuff. Watch the entire episode.

Tips on How to Get Started on YouTube

Start with How-to Content

“There are various types of content on YouTube, in terms of how the videos gather an audience. If you don’t have an audience yet, you need to grow an audience. YouTube is the second-largest search engine, and it’s the largest search engine for answers to how-to questions.

Start by creating and posting how-to videos—videos that answer your potential clients’ how-to questions. Look through your FAQs and your competitors’ FAQs. Figure out what problems are out there that you can solve, especially if they’re unique or niche problems.

One of my most popular videos is about Apple’s iWatch. I have an iWatch, and every once in a while it gets disconnected from my iPhone. The connection isn’t necessary for my business, but I wanted to remember how to do it, so I shot a quick video and posted it on YouTube. In that video, I basically said, “Well, you push these buttons, do this, do this, and it’s back.” That video has gotten thousands of views. I actually turned on advertising for it, and now I’m getting a little bit of revenue from it.

Because of that simple video’s success, since then I’ve been looking at blog posts through different eyes. If I find an answer as a blog post but not as a video, I’ll think, “Wow. OK. This is great! I’m going to turn this into a video.” And when I do that, new people find me."

Mind Your Background

"Video backgrounds can build authority, and they also can tear down authority. They can build trust. If you see a video of Chris, a small business sales expert, where he’s sitting at a desk in what looks like a home office, with a lot of sales books on a bookcase behind him, that fits. It’s what you’d expect to see.

If he were shooting the video in his child’s nursery—I don’t know whether you have children—that would feel off to you. You might think, “Well, I don’t know if I can trust Chris. This doesn’t feel right.”

In this video, you can see, in the background, my video screen, the lights, and the sound-absorbing material. I’m shooting in my studio today.

There are ways to build trust, and there are ways to tear it down. And a lot of people tear it down simply by not using a proper background in their videos."

Buy Advertising

"YouTube advertising is cheap. Google AdWords has a little video section where you can target people. You can say, “I want business professionals in this age group and only men, or only women,” or something like that.

That advertising will increase the chances of your target viewers seeing your video before they click on that little “Skip after 6 seconds” message. Your video will appear on the side as a recommended video.

When you’re starting out, a $5 spend on advertising can take your video from just ten or twelve views—maybe that’s what your audience is—to hundreds of views. A very small spend in advertising can have a huge effect. What I’ve seen with a number of my clients’ YouTube channels is that they spend that money on advertising and then their channel audience jumps up at least a little bit. And what’s great is that video views have a multiplier effect. The YouTube algorithms mean that if someone watches your video all the way through, that person is more likely to be recommended other videos of yours. So the money you spend on advertising one video can grow the audience for all of your videos."

Don’t Buy Views or Subscribers

"Spend money directly with Google to get your video in front of your potential audience faster than if you tried to grow your audience organically."

Produce a “Minimum Viable Video”

"Keep your camera steady. Make sure you have good-quality sound. Don’t let any background noise intrude. Set up a decent, appropriate background. These are the minimum criteria for your videos. But you don’t need fancy graphics or animation.

I suggest to my clients that they start recording videos on an iPhone or Android phone and then doing only very basic editing."

To watch the entire episode, click this link.

If you have questions, add them below. I’ll make sure that Brighton and I answer them. Or if you plan to watch the entire episode, add your comments or questions in the video’s page!


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