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How to Grow Your Personal Brand’s Following One-to-One

How to Grow Your Personal Brand’s Following One-to-One

Imagine putting your brand out there and then clients coming to you, saying, “Hey, I want to do business with you. I like you. I trust you. You know what you’re talking about.” That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? That’s the beauty of a personal brand.

Last week, I talked about how digging into your past experiences can help you to find your niche. Niching down—or, as I call it, finding your unique spin—lets people know what sets you apart and helps you to attract the right clients for your business.

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But now that you’ve found your niche, how do you create a following around it?

It’s OK to start small. One-to-one is where we all begin, where we share our excitement and ideas one person at a time. I started doing this back in 2014, and I still do it today.

Get back to one-to-one.

Share your unique idea with your friends and family. There’s a notion that friends and family may react negatively to our amazing ideas because they know our past and only see us through that lens. But we need to break through that limiting belief. We need to be open to sharing our unique ideas with our friends and family.

Reach out directly through your online network.

Don’t just post updates about articles you publish on your website or do a lot of self-promotion. Make sure to connect with people by messaging them directly, touching base with them, or asking them out for coffee.

In past videos, I’ve shared how I create authentic connections just by having coffee with people. I go in there with the intention of being of service and giving and, as a result, eventually I receive back from them.

I see too many people on LinkedIn posting articles that no one reads. The articles don’t go anywhere. They don’t get any likes, comments, or sharing. When I look into the person who posted the article, I see no evidence of giving to the community on LinkedIn, and so the person gets exactly what he or she has put in—nothing or next to nothing.

On LinkedIn, we should first support other people. That’s true for all of the social media platforms. We should provide support by recognizing the people in our network who post, like, comment, and share. If we do that, we’ll create positive energy around ourselves and our brands, and things will take off from there.

Go to your address book.

Look up people from your past, and invite them for coffee. I’ve found this activity to be invigorating. You’ve probably made up a story about why you’re no longer in touch with that person. Throw that story away. If you’re in a new city, make a point of contacting people in your network and meeting them for coffee. Talk about what’s exciting. Be of service to them.

These are some of my ideas for how to grow your network one-to-one. Next week, we’re going to talk about moving from one-to-one to one-to-many so that you can build a thriving, robust network around your personal brand.

Until next week!

What ideas can you add to build out your following one-to-one? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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