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Kiss Average Good-bye—Part One

Kiss Average Good-bye—Part One

This is part one of a six part series of articles on what my mentor taught me about my average thinking and how I applied it to my benefit and how you can too.

Years ago I was introduced to some powerful concepts. Likely, the fact that I was running around aimlessly gave me the open mind required to absorb the information. The fact that I actually applied it to my life is something for which I feel a sense of gratitude every day.

The concepts were not original. But they gave me a methodology, or process, to follow that enabled me to live forward.

This is part one of a series of six articles in which I will lay out exactly what I learned, how I applied it, and how you can too.

When first exposed to these ideas, I had a desire to be, have, and do more with my life. But, the desire was not enough. While I had the desire, my everyday focus was on present results. Day in and day out I focused on the distance between my present and the life I desired.

Then, one day, I met a man who became my mentor. We would meet for coffee once each week and talk about life. He immediately diagnosed my problem. I remember him telling me, “Chris, you’re focusing all your thoughts on your current results and experiences. That focus is bringing you more of those same results. You need to shift your thinking and focus your thoughts instead on what you want to be, do, and have.” He told me I was caught in what he called the Cycle of the Average.

It was the best slap in the face I had ever received.

During the next month my mentor gave me a very detailed process to focus my thinking on my vision of the future I wanted, and I applied it with poise.

Overview of the Process

From the process, I learned that you can develop an internal fire, called self-motivation, by taking the time to do the following

  • Decide exactly what you want to be, do, and have in life.
  • Paint the picture in your mind and on paper of exactly what that looks, smells, feels, tastes, and sounds like.
  • Commit to reviewing this vision often and feel the energy that comes from it.
  • Continually improve upon the vision.

This self-motivation brings everything into our lives.

What Is Self-motivation?

I will define it as my mentor defined it. Self-motivation is the energy that leads us to act powerfully. When we are self-motivated, we put forward a powerful concoction of enthusiasm, persistence, creativity, and courage. These elements draw us toward the lives we desire.

When we have a crystal clear vision of the life we desire, we become self-motivated, and the enthusiasm, courage, persistence, and creativity within us pours out. Every one of us has these elements within.

When I was exposed to this information, I began immediately to apply it. I defined in fine detail what I wanted for the next stage in my life. I decided who I would bring value to and what my rewards would be. Almost immediately, good things began to happen for me.

In part two of this series of articles, I will begin to lay out in detail the elements my mentor instructed me to build into my vision. I look forward to bringing you this later in the week.

Kiss Average Good-bye-- Part Two

Kiss Average Good-bye-- Part Two

From a Chicken Cutter to CEO and Industry Ambassador

From a Chicken Cutter to CEO and Industry Ambassador