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The Most Important Aspect of Your Personal Brand

The Most Important Aspect of Your Personal Brand

This is the last installment of my six-part series about growing your personal brand and following. I hope you’ve been able to take action in the past six weeks. If not, I welcome you to start where you are right now.

In last week’s article, I talked about the importance of adding an element of fun to our brands. In our professional lives, we’re already bombarded by a lot boring stuff—meetings, conference calls, administrative stuff, taxes, and so on. So we need to create brands that share fun with other people.


Back to the start

When I started releasing videos on YouTube, I created content focused on tactics and strategies for personal branding, human-to-human selling, and entrepreneurship. But before YouTube, I had only my Sunday morning newsletter and my blog. I shared little stories about falling down and picking myself back up. And I want to get back to doing that.

Yes, the purpose of branding is to grow a business and attracting its ideal clients, but sharing your human side is important too. You can share your human side through your brand and the things you produce around that brand—whether video, podcast, newsletters, or articles.

Be human

This is the most important aspect of your personal brand. Humanize your brand. Share the warts along with the good stuff. What’s a personal brand without its personal aspects?

When I look back at the first articles I wrote for LinkedIn, I notice that some of the more popular ones were stories about my children. I remember one about how my son taught me some of the elements of leadership. He started riding his bike and invited his friends to ride with him. He helped them to get more active. That, for me, was a sign of leadership. Another one of my articles was about the greatest gift you can give someone, which I learned from my daughter on our drive home from her flute lesson. These stories captivated people. They showed the three-dimensionality of Chris Spurvey.

My point is that we should be genuine and vulnerable. We don’t need to always put ourselves out there as one-dimensional experts we may be trying to be or wanting others to believe we are. Bringing yourself into your brand and presenting yourself as a genuine human being is the secret weapon to attracting your ideal clients.

This article ends this six-part series about growing your personal brand. I’ve also released this series as a set of videos on YouTube, which you can access here.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions below.

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