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Not Just Any Customer

Not Just Any Customer

We are living in a time when reaching potential customers is not a problem.

Leads have become commodities. For example, in seven minutes you can create an image that is 1200 pixels wide by 628 pixels high, write a compelling headline, and place an ad on Facebook targeting people 44 years old who are interested in drinking craft beer and live in Dubuque, Iowa. Within minutes, you’ll have leads.

In this age of digital marketing, the question should not be “How can I get customers?” The question should be “Who do I want as customers?”

Your customers define how you feel about what you do on a daily basis. You can choose to have customers who, no matter what you do for them, will think that it isn’t enough. Or you can choose to have customers who need your service, who are grateful for the effect that you have on their lives, who you are passionate about serving. Some of them may even draw on your heartstrings.

Which type of customer would you rather have?


Who is your ideal customer? I welcome you to share a bit about yourself and your ideal customer in the comments below.

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