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Reminder of the Fundamentals

Reminder of the Fundamentals

How was your week? What did you do? Anything fun and exciting?

I spoke at a couple of events around town this week. One, in particular, I really enjoyed. It was an event held by my friend Tina Olivero, titled “Wealth and Abundance.” I was one of three guest speakers. I was totally captivated by the stories I heard at that event. We really are living in golden times, and it takes people like Tina to wake us up from our sleep. I highly recommend that, if you live in St. John’s, you look up Tina on Facebook and go to one of her weekly sessions.

When I sit down to write, more often than not I find myself gravitating toward the personal development side of business and sales. Perhaps this is because my story is grounded in improving myself. I began to achieve what I wanted to achieve when I improved my relationship with myself.

Personal development is so important. After all, as sales professionals, we really are in the attraction business. Our prospects are attracted to us and to the energy around our ideas, products, and services. So, if we are not being attractive as professionals, how can we succeed?

However, this morning I find myself compelled to remind you (and myself) of the fundamentals of selling.

Although most people are focusing on “new” inbound marketing programs that will fill the pipeline and email autoresponders that will close deals, all we really have to do to see results is focus on these simple fundamentals.

1. Network
We need to go out and meet people. People are the fuel for our business. Of course, those people can come from social media activity. But I have proven to myself time and time again that we cannot ignore the need to get out and meet new people.

2. Research
Know as much as you can about your prospective buyer. Ask other people. Search the web. Look at LinkedIn. Get into the mind of your buyer, and see the situation or challenge through his or her eyes. What do you believe are the buyer’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?

3. Invite
Inviting can happen in so many ways. Personally, I am an effective email inviter. I actually hate the phone. I have found that our energy is of the highest importance during the invitation stage. It sets the tone for the entire relationship. I could actually write a course on this one topic alone. Would you be interested in that?

4. Listen and Present
Essentially, this is when you get together with your prospective client, ask questions, and listen to the answers. Validate your research. Find out more information. Help the client to determine if your idea, product, or service is a good fit. Energy is so important at this stage. The wrong energy, and you are dead in the water. More deals are lost at this stage than any other, because prospects perceive the sales professional as operating on his or her own agenda.

5. Follow Up
This step is all about continuing to educate your clients and prospective clients over time. Again, energy is so important. If a “lack” mentality begins to seep into your follow up, you’re dead in the water.

6. Engage
This stage is when a prospective client raises his or her hand and says, “I’m in.” This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where your integrity is on the line. Follow through on what you said you would do.

I think you will agree that there are fundamentals that we all need to do on a daily basis if we want to succeed in business and sales. However, the energy you put into the doing is what makes the difference. It is the energy behind what you do that separates professionals from amateurs.

Have a great week.


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