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Good morning.

What are your plans today?

I have vivid memories, from my childhood, of Sundays when I played street hockey for hours on end. Fall was in high gear, and the cold, crisp, clean ocean air of Newfoundland was numbing to the hands. But I, along with my good buddies, did not seem to notice. We were in our glee chasing after an orange hockey ball and celebrating every goal. Later in the evening, I strolled home and sat down to eat supper with my family. As a family, we talked about the upcoming week and the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. Sunday usually ended with a bit of homework, Disney on the big-dial TV, and then off to bed. Thinking back and remembering those times is pure bliss.

Why are those memories so vivid 25 or even 35 years later?

My thought is that they are vivid because the part of the mind where our beliefs about ourselves are stored—the conscious mind—is quiet. When we remember old times, the conscious mind is relaxed and not telling our subconscious, or unlimited mind, what we are capable of. That is why we are so happy when we are skiing, sailing, golfing (for me, snowmobiling), etc.… The chatter of the mind is quieted.

Sunday, for me, is a day to give the mind a break in preparation for the upcoming week. It is an opportunity to quiet my conscious mind and let the subconscious just be who I am.

We are capable of being, doing, and having whatever we set our minds to. However, we go through life collecting experiences, interpreting those experiences, and forming beliefs about who we are or what we are capable of. It takes relaxation of the conscious mind to shut down that self-talk and beliefs to get closer to the unlimited human beings we actually are.

This is why I love Sundays.

Recently, I have heard several people say that Sundays have become just like any other day. I think that’s a shame. If that is our belief, it is because we have set up our lives that way. If we would like to have Sundays the way they once were, we need to make that decision and take them back. Remove the unnecessary activities, turn off the phones and computers, and just be. Just being may mean engaging in a game of tennis or golf, it may mean taking a stroll in the park, or it may mean engaging in some sort of meditation. However, we owe it to ourselves to take that time. And it doesn’t even have to be a Sunday or a full day.

If we are to attract the lives we desire to live, we need to believe in our hearts and souls that we can do it. For me, relaxing the conscious mind on Sundays brings me one step closer.

Do you reserve a special time of the week to just be?


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