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The Strategy of Embracing Small

The Strategy of Embracing Small

It’s so easy to get trapped into believing that bigger is always better.

We go into business with a passion for solving problems—problems that clients have and that we instinctively know how to identify and solve.

However, for many feeling of the passion and the fun that comes with pursuing that passion changes as we adopt the mind-set that bigger is better.

Just take a look at the messages that interrupt us in our pursuit:

  • Double the Size of Your Email List in 11 Days
  • Gain a Massive Following on Instagram
  • Become the Next Million-Dollar Consultant
  • Turn Your Business into a Constant Flow of Passive Income Immediately

But what if, instead of focusing on growing a massive customer base, we focused on serving a small customer base but really well?

What if, instead of focusing on doubling the size of our email lists or Instagram followings, becoming million-dollar consultants, and generating rivers of passive income, we focused our attention on turning a profit from serving a handful of customers?

Can you find a handful of like-minded people and open up a dialogue with them about the problems they’re facing?

Come on. Sure you can.

Can you get to know a handful of customers really well, to the point that you become their go-to person or company for solving a certain type of problem?

When you have become really good at doing that, would it make sense for you to add a few more customers? And then a few more? Do you think you could do that and still maintain the positive energy that comes from pursuing something you are passionate about?

Is anyone else fed up with the focus on bigger is better? Who would like to join me in focusing on small but really darn good?

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