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This is Exactly What is Holding You Back

This is Exactly What is Holding You Back

Have you ever wondered why you believe certain things to be true about your own abilities even though you may occasionally see evidence to the contrary?

If you are sitting down right now while reading this article, take a brief moment to look down at your body. Think about your life and where you are at this very moment. Do you feel inside yourself a desire to be more, do more, or have more?

When I do this, I feel tingling in my legs, as if my body were telling me something. Do you feel anything like that?

The reality is each of us is an infinite storehouse of potential. But each day when we wake up, we have choices to make. That is where the problem arises. Intellectually, we know that we are capable of more but we may not believe that emotionally. And it's that emotional part of us that we need to break through.

The reason that we may not believe, emotionally, in our potential is that we have creatively interpreted our life experiences to support our beliefs and disbeliefs about what we can and cannot do.

Why are they creative?

We make them all up!

One Sunday in 1983, my family and I were sitting at the kitchen table, eating dinner. We heard a knock at the door, and my mom got up from the table to answer it. A few seconds later, we heard a man’s voice. Another few seconds later, my dad was summoned to the living room. Curious about what was happening, I followed him. Over the next sixty minutes, as our dinner got cold, I witnessed my parents buy a $3,000 canister vacuum from a well-rehearsed door-to-door salesman, despite having expressed no desire to buy one before that day and even raising many objections to the salesman. The salesman knew well how to move from the demonstration to closing the sale. My mom and dad fought about that purchase for the next three days as they came to realize they had made a completely unplanned purchase that they could not afford. That $3,000 in 1983 was like a $12,000 one in today’s dollars.

That experience, at ten years old, defined sales for me. From that point on, whenever I heard the word sales, I went, figuratively, into the theater of my mind and watched the movie of that day in 1983 and the days afterward, reliving the pain of the experience. This reliving reinforced and compounded the effect of the experience. Who ultimately was the victim of that salesman? I was!

Later in life, when I began to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, I was hung up on what it meant to do sales. I saw sales as pushy, slimy, and sleazy. I wanted no part of it.

But I knew, deep down, that if I wanted to grow I had to change my definition of sales.

How? Well, that is a topic for another day.

To grow, we must challenge our creative interpretations of past events in our lives.

Are they empowering us, or disempowering us?

The first step in breaking through is realizing that life can be different, that it can go a different way.

What creative interpretations are holding you back?

What ones are empowering you? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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