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Why I am Not Playing in the World Series

Why I am Not Playing in the World Series

It may be obvious to most. But, it was not obvious to me. Creative interpretations of childhood events play a big role in our lives.

1986... we moved to a new town. My mother enrolled me in baseball as a way for me to meet people. I had never played a game in my life up to that point. First time at bat I hit a line drive and got on 1st base. I thought... what better way to impress people and gain new friends than to steal 2nd base. Only problem was my teammate was on 2nd! Within 5 seconds it was all over (although it felt like 5 minutes). My teammate was forced to slide into 3rd and subsequently broke his leg. (Greg Smith, I am sorry) Funny... yeah maybe 22 years later. But, not funny to me at the time.

I never played baseball again. I cringe at the thought of it. I hate baseball. It is a boring sport. Who really wants to spend 4 hours sitting down anyway?

But, while I refuse to even watch the game, other people are out there about to enjoy the world series over cold beers at the local bar. Others are making millions playing the game. Their creative interpretations from their childhood were obviously very different than mine.

This leads me to the thought of what creative interpretations from our childhood might be holding us back in our careers? Is there a certain type of person who we do not work well with? Do we react to certain types of situations with hostility? Do we slack when the going gets tough or do we pick up our game?

A few weeks ago I embarked on a simple journey of writing out some of my childhood experiences. I found it quite enjoyable to piece the whole thing together and realize why I do what I do and why I am where I am - the pros and cons. It was not a labor intensive thing at all. I didn't worry about punctuation or grammar. I wrote and wrote and wrote. It was a simple and honest exercise.

I recommend you do the same thing in an effort to find out who you really are.

A Father, his Boy and an Airline Ad.

A Father, his Boy and an Airline Ad.