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What I am Reading

What I am Reading

I enjoy reading and typically consume 2-4 books each month. I admit that the majority of my reading is in the business and self development space. I do not have much of a desire to change that as it is serving me well. Although, I have been thinking about putting some travel related books into my library as Jennifer and I do intend to travel more as our kids get older. 

I decided to build into my article and newsletter routine a monthly "What I am Reading" report where I share the books and a few things I am learning from each.

Speaking of travel... this article comes to you from sunny Florida. We are on our annual family vacation. It has been a relaxing one thus far.

Never Eat Alone (Link)

Author: Keith Ferrazzi

This one came highly recommended by many (Scott Oldford, Dan Martell, Jayson Gaignard) and sat in my Reading List for quite a while. Finally Dan Martell inspired me to buy it with this vlog post.  By the way, I highly recommend Dan's blog and video's. 

Keith learned early in his career that success, advancement, revenue etc... all lay in the quality of his relationships (now is that not the truth!!). The book outlines many ideas and strategies to build and nurture 1000's of quality relationships.

It was originally written in 2005 and was recently updated to include new ideas for content generators and social sellers.

I have participated in a number of dinners and lunches where 5-8 entrepreneurs come together to  get to know one another, share experiences, what is working, what is not working etc... They have been very valuable.

My big action decision coming from reading Never Eat Alone is to coordinate a "Revenue Generation Lunch" in St. John's prior to the end of April and I plan to coordinate one per month from this point forward. Would you like an invite? Reply to this email and let me know you want in.

Never Eat Alone...A definite 5 star that every sales professional and entrepreneur needs to read.


Rich on Paper Poor on Life (LInk)

Author: Philip McKernan

What a gem this one is. I picked it up for free as a part of the launch and it sat in my Kindle app for a couple of months. Something possessed me to click on it this past weekend and it captivated me.

Philip is originally from Ireland but now resides in Vancouver. He chased what he thought would make him happy for years and out of somewhere found the self worth and in turn the courage to make changes towards a more meaningful life.

This is a very easy read but has massive impact. It is loaded with stories from Philip's life coaching business and I could see myself in EVERY story. He smacked me in the face and made me see things from a different side.

I cannot recommend this one enough.

The big action item for me is to take more time to myself to explore my inner thoughts and guidance system and make decisions based on what I want and my passions.

Again... a five star.

I hope you enjoyed this months edition of "What I am Reading". I recommend both books and would love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Why Connecting Now Matters For Your Future

Why Connecting Now Matters For Your Future

Who do you know who...?

Who do you know who...?