Answer these 10 multiple choice.

There are no right or wrong answers. The only thing that matters is that you respond with whatever comes most naturally to you.

1. I always feel comfortable around people, have no trouble drumming up conversation, am typically the life of the party and do not mind attention.
2. I am a good listener and tend to think before I speak most of the time.
3. I enjoy spending time alone with my own thoughts, making plans and rehearsing those plans in my head.
4. I am naturally curious of other people; who they are, what their family life is like, why they do what they do and what they do in their spare time.
5. I get satisfaction from helping people identify problems they have and solving those problems.
6. Life has not been 100% smooth sailing. I have had ups and downs.
7. I have achievements in my life that I am proud of.
8. I have had clients where I have delivered great value.
9. I have had clients where things never went quite as planned and the assignment did not end on a perfect note.
10. I am committed to making my business work.
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