What are the Four Moving Parts to Social Selling? Chris finds out from Brynne Tillman.

The number one thing you can do right now is update your LinkedIn profile.

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When the buyer you are meeting with has 57% of their decision already made you should have 57% of insights about their business ready for your meeting. Making knowledgeable observations about the client’s business lets them know instantly that you are interested and invested in them. Using a playbook can help entrepreneurs to maintain focus and give them the edge during the sales process. Reach your goals using the four moving parts of social selling.

Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Brynne’s backstory

[4:41] LinkedIn’s power

[5:44] A fall on your face moment

[8:30] Social Selling

[9:10] Four moving parts to social selling

[9:17] Social Listening

[10:40] Educating and offering insight

[11:30] Prospecting through nurturing

[14:20] Positioning yourself in your first appointment

[16:20] A shift in sales process

[16:50] 57%

[17:55] Observations of their industry

[19:15] Maintaining a consistent focus

[20:30] A daily activity playbook

[24:09] The entrepreneur example

[27:03] What is Brynne doing now

[29:31] How to make clients notice you on LinkedIn

[32:55] Brynne’s workbook

[35;20] The best tools are Hootsuite and Nimble

[38:08] A giveaway, the password is SSL


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