Be Able to Identify with the Modern Buyers Wants, Visions and Needs with Chris Brogan

Find out what it is other people need to win and figure out how to supply it?

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Why would people buy from you when they can go to Amazon to get it? Unless you are selling something wicked amazing you’d better be selling the relationship. Chris takes us from his first gig as a used car salesman to skyping with billionaire Richard Branson.


[2:31] Bulletproofing your infant’s room

[4:05] My Grandfather sold through relationships

[6:33] We are trained early to push product versus delivering value

[9:02] The intersections of sales and marketing

[10:19] The model of want, vision, need

[12:39] Buying has changed dramatically

[15:50] How do I supply what people need?

[16:57] Business Stripped Bare is Chris’s favorite

[17:33] How Kim Kardashian changed my life

[19:51] Slack is what will replace e-mail

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Business Stripped Bare – Richard Branson

Why the Bad Boy of Business wants you to Be Good – Chris Brogan