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You have an ambivert personality!

This kind of a personality is THE BEST one to have in this modern day of selling for attracting new clients. 


Research has proven that there is no statistical relationship between extraversion and sales performance. In other words you do not need to be an extravert. And thankfully you are not! You are an ambivert and you should be darn proud of it.

An ambivert on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being introvert and 10 being extravert) is in the middle. In other words you have characteristics of both. Statistically the best at landing new clients in this new age of selling is somewhere around a 3 and 5. Exactly where you sit!

An important part of attracting clients is leveraging our natural strengths and gifts. Being curious about our prospective clients, asking questions and listening intently goes a long way to creating the foundation of trust. We all enjoy helping people identify problems and solving those problems. Many clients today are bombarded by information. As a result they are overwhelmed. Most do not even know what problems they have. Leveraging our gift of problem solving sets us up perfectly in this area.

We have all had dark days and sunny days. These are our stories and they are what make us unique. Add to that a passion for what we are doing and we have our own unique identities that prospective clients relate to. This will show through in your interactions with prospective clients.

Lastly, commitment to our business over the long haul tells our clients at a subconscious level that they should do business with us. Would you hire someone who is not committed to their line of work. No, you would find someone who is. 

All in all, your personality is set up just perfectly to make hay in this modern age of landing new clients. Keep doing what you are doing!