Selling Professional Services can be more Art than Science with Dorie Clark

If you are going to do something you might as well go big with it.

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Chris talks with author and entrepreneur Dorie Clark. Dorie has two successful motivational books and an e-book in the works. She overcame the hurdles of believing it was ok to market herself and that it is ok to ask for money. She calls asking for an hourly raise a fool’s errand and shares how she handled early career “no’s”. Find out what Dorie thinks are latest and greatest tools to become more efficient in your work life and books that influenced her.


“Get over the common belief of if you were really successful you wouldn’t have to sell yourself.” Click to Tweet

“Asking for an hourly rate is a fool’s errand. It’s not how you should be charging.” Click to Tweet

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[3:05] Dorie’s story

[6:20] Learning to ask for money

[8:20] Committing to your own raise

[11:35] Diagnosing the “no”

[13:22] Embrace account relationship management

[15:02] Inbound Inquiries

[16:38] Consumers are far more educated

[17:41] About the Stand Out book

[19:08] A life hack from Dorie

[21:50] Amazon affiliate links

[22:12] Influence by Robert Cialdini

[22:51] Never eat alone – Keith Ferrazzi

[23:49] Tools Dorie uses

[26:35] Free workbook version

[28:15] A new networking e-book


Reinventing You – Define your brand, Imagine your future

Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

Tedx- Dorie Clark

Robert Scoble



Never Eat Alone