How to maintain a positive mindset and consistently attract new clients to your business w/ Dov Gordon

On this episode we have Dov Gordon.

Dov specializes in helping consultants, coaches and other experts create a steady, consistent, predictable flow of ideal clients.

This is a phenomenal episode with Dov where he gives some really practical advice as to how to maintain consistency, vision and momentum in your business.

There’s a ton of valuable knowledge shared throughout our chat and I hope you enjoy it.

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You don’t have to know everything; you don’t have to do everything. You just have to really be able to identify what are the few things that really matter and then work at them systematically.

“I don’t know enough” – but that’s not true.

You don’t need more information.

That’s when you learn what you need to learn. Nobody can teach it to you. All we can do is create an experience or a series of experiences so that you can learn it for yourself.

Clients are drawn to confidence. If you’re coming at this from a place of fear, weakness, then you’re not going to grow. 

Show notes

[04:59] How Dov started his business

[07:36] Building a simple, repeatable, marketing and selling process

[09:16] Finding your genius

[19:30] Staying in the mindset of consistency

[22:39] Becoming really good with what you’re good at

[23:37] Focus

[25:51] Mastering your craft, marketing and sales

[36:40] Coaching with Dov Gordon

[39:30] Sales is leadership

[40:31] Building your confidence


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