Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Wasting Time and Money By Learning Sales with Jill Konrath

A current sales book is the best investment you can make for your career in sales.

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Early in life, Jill knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur but had no idea that she would have to include sales in her daily activities. She resisted until confronted with the fact that her vision could not be realized until she cast aside her negative perception of what sales entailed. After rising above the fear and focusing on learning the skills and techniques good sales requires, she made her living earning revenue from top companies. The beauty of gaining a clear understanding of a subject is that you are now qualified to share that knowledge with others which Jill does by way of her website and award winning books.

Key Takeaways:

[3:06] Sales is the lowest profession

[3:45] I’ll do it but only for 1 year

[6:00] There are good selling techniques?

[8:00] Jill fell flat on her face, in the lobby

[11:50] You have a choice to get up or stay down

[13:03] He gave me the competitor’s proposal

[15:24] Like most of us Jill was scared

[16:53] Social proof existed before it was online

[17:30] Stay focused on the business case

[19:14] First’s – Websites and Newsletters

[20:48] Jill has a passion for the entrepreneur

[23:23] Bringing in a savior

[25:07] You will waste time and money by abdicating sales

[26:52] My books solve problems

[31:31] Your Brain at Work book

[33:00] Backdrop & Anti-Social apps

[35:40] Jill Konrath contacts



Selling to Big Companies – Buy the digital version

Snap Selling – Dealing with crazy busy people

Agile Selling – Getting up to speed in sales

Your Brain at Work

Jill Konrath