Social Selling to the Modern Buyer with Jill Rowley

It isn’t just who you know, it’s what you know about who you know.

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If your nature has always been to challenge, to be a disrupter and to do the unexpected in sales, listen to this. – Click to Tweet

How do you win the business when your competitor is on the client’s board of directors?  – Click to Tweet

“I don’t think that sales has modernized nearly as much as the buyer has modernized.” – Click to Tweet

Don’t optimize LinkedIn for a recruiter. Optimize LinkedIn to make buyers want to get to know you. 

Buyers have modernized themselves at a record pace while sales organizations struggle to keep up. Leading every endeavor with quality content is the foundation and adding social networking as the framing will make a solid business strategy structure. Jill Rowley is an expert in social selling and her affinity for business is prevalent in all aspects of her life. Through bucking the system and continued learning she has the clout to tout “It’s not time to sell. It’s time to serve.”

Key Takeaways:

[4:41] Entrepreneurs may not realize they are in sales

[5:20] We don’t teach anyone how to sell

[7:21] A skills gap in data driven marketing

[8:50] How can I get experience without an opportunity?

[12:16] Relationships aren’t bound by geography

[14:40] This client meant the world to me

[17:50] When your competitors are partners in the firm

[18:45] Remember when the Blackberry was just an e-mail device?

[20:23] The modern buyer is layered in digital overlap

[23:56] The rationale behind the name “It’s Time to Sell”

[26:28] Social Selling is an additional channel to leverage

[27:45] Optimizing your personal brand on LinkedIn

[28:33] Using content as your currency

[30:28] Nurturing social selling

[31:45] The beginning stages of the buying process

[33:38] Always be learning

[36:26] Don’t invite Jill to dinner unless you plan on talking business

[39:20] The startup of you

[40:10] LinkedIn is THE tool

[41:30] Contact Jill on Twitter and LinkedIn



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