How Do You Sell Somebody Something They Don’t Know They Need with Jon Ferrara

Your network is your net worth. Make it work for you.

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Time and time again great entrepreneurs say they started their sales careers on accident and a need of their own led them to create a product. As a computer science major, Jon Ferrara found his first job selling computers easy but then after creating his own CRM system he was forced to find more creative ways to promote his product with no marketing budget. His proven strategies are unique and smart. Will his new plight to trojan horse Nimble into businesses that need it become his next triumph?

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Reflections of today’s business atmosphere

[5:03] Selling was a dirty word

[6:03] A 50% margin on computers at the time

[6:57] Selling is really about serving other people

[7:40] Goldmine was the outlook and salesforce of its generation

[9:00] Convincing businesses they needed a contact management system

[10:50] Dancing with your customer is crucial

[11:49] Reaching out to editors and writers with regard to your product

[13:51] It’s more powerful when other people talk about your product

[14:14] The Five E’s of social business

[17:12] The Dunbar limit in your brain

[18:50] Less than 1% of businesses use any type of CRM

[22:03] A relationship platform the builds itself

[23:07] Nurture your influencers network

[24:40] Nimble smart contact app free

[26:30] Stop what you are doing and re-identify yourself on social platforms

[27:59] Share content that will help other people grow

[29:02] Reach out to Jon and feed him with your interaction

[29:47] Jon likes the classics marketing books

[31:25] The new apple watch is my tool for health

[32:58] Sign up for Nimble and use the mobile and browser app



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Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Positioning – Jack Trout

The New Rules of PR and Marketing – David Meerman Scott