Know Where You Want to Go and Only Take the Actions That Lead Towards the Destination with J.V. Crum III

Sales is about listening and getting people to tell their stories.  

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Marketing and sales are the most often forgotten aspects of a properly functioning,  profitable business. As entrepreneurs and business owners we are selling everyday even if we don’t formally code it as sales. Making money from selling your product is not a sin and you would be wise to learn methods that make your selling efforts more effective. Reading J.V.’s book and attending his business academy are great places to start. He is a storyteller, a numbers guy and a sales professional who will make a great mentor for you. He has big visions and wakes up everyday with a purpose; to make a difference in this world, not just to make money. 


Key Takeaways:

[4:03] Podcasts are the best thing to ever happen to entrepreneurs

[5:43] A sales guy from the beginning

[8:27] Grassroots product manufacturing 

[11:22] The moment you get money for sales 

[14:13] Running the business by the numbers

[15:40] More money was going out then was coming in

[16:39] My first sales came from necessity

[18:38] Finding the central issue is the key

[20:54] We computerized a 7 figure business on a 386

[23:15] Flip the down feeling into a positive action

[24:30] Conscious Focused Action 

[24:44] Numbers, the amazing difference and the sales component

[27:22] Knowing where you want to go and taking actions focused on your destination 

[28:30] Daily, wake up with a purpose and no more than 3 priorities

[29:45] Measurable results to accomplish in one day

[31:22] The LinkedIn article

[31:55] Free video’s about the chapters of Conscious Millionaire

[33:21] People are tired of “I just want to make money”

[33:56] JV’s favorite tool Schedule Once 

[35:18] Health and Fitness for Busy Entrepreneurs reality show

[36:30] Conscious Millionaire Business Academy 

[38:05] Contact J.V. at the website 



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