Having conducted more than 250 high-level interviews with industry experts and influencers,

plus having grown her own brand & business by getting featured on other people’s podcasts, web shows, and virtual summits, Nicole Holland became known as the go-to-gal when it comes to making a big splash – fast!

Nicole specializes in helping successful CEOs and small business owners grow their impact, influence, and income quickly and powerfully through “New Media Marketing”.

Today on the podcast she shares some advice about podcast guesting, how to find the right podcasts for you, things you should have ready before hopping on as a guest, and a lot more. If you want to use podcast guesting as a serious marketing strategy, you should give this a listen!

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Nicole Holland QuoteHow podcasts helped Nicole establish her personal brand

For Nicole, it started out as a “marketing arm”. She didn’t really understand podcasts and didn’t know what to expect; she just knew that it was a way for her to get her name out there as well as build relationships with people.

It was a way for her to interview people, which she really enjoyed doing, especially when it was people she respected and admired.

But what she started finding was that people were resonating with HER. She found that people tune in to podcasts for the host – not the guest – and that’s how you build a very loyal following.

Her audience was not listening because she had John Lee Dumas or Bob Burg on the show – it was because of her. Once she realized that, she was able to come out a little bit more, do more solo stuff as well as sponsored episodes.


Pivot whenever you feel like it

She used to think it looked bad. She used to think that because she changed so much, that it’s something that people would look down or judge her on. She sees that a lot of the clients and students she worked with had that same thought process.

First of all, it doesn’t matter. That’s taken her a while to really embrace. Actually, she enjoys it more now, because if somebody thinks that her pivoting is not good, then they don’t get to work with her.


Strategic podcast guestings drive results

You have to know your own value; you have to know what you want to get out of podcast guesting.

A lot of people would tell her, “I want to be on 100 shows.” When asked why, they would say, “because I have a book to launch” or “I want everybody to know my name”, but it doesn’t work like that.

Know your value, know what the end goal is, know what you’re selling. If you know that you have this mission and value, you can do podcast guesting. But if you’re going to take it on as a serious marketing strategy and you’re going to invest the time and resources into doing it, then you have to do it right.

You have to have something to sell on the backend, and you have to have your sales process in order. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and energy.

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