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Carl Gould | Entrepreneur's Sales School Ep. 48

Carl Gould | Entrepreneur's Sales School Ep. 48

"Believe that you’re the right person, that you’re in the right place, and that you have this obligation to close people into your product"

Carl Gould is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, business mentor and award-winning coach. He is a known authority on business growth who advises organizations to grow to the next level. As owner of a consulting firm, 7 Stage Advisors, he has mentored the launch of over five thousand businesses. He also has trained, certified or accredited over 7,000 Business Coaches and Mentors since 2002.

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3 Key Points

  • What I understand about sales over the years is that selling is not hard if you let people buy. Find out what is important to them and position your product and service that way. Also, when you’re getting all scared about sales, understand that it is more about the buyers buying and less about me selling.
  • When you’re feeling down and small, think about the big picture. The WHY you’re doing it and HOW you’re doing it is the differentiator. Visualize a compelling future, make a picture long in the future where you’ve succeeded in everything that you have tried.
  • One of our principles is to maximize what you already have before making any other changes. With that said, here are five ways to generate revenue in the next 90 days:
  1. Make the promise that no one else in your niche has the guts to make.
  2. Flexible consumption. Take the smallest possible module that you can sell to your client, by sell, meaning, give it to them and let them consume the smallest bit. They get a chance to experience you risk-free and in a very small amount, and if they like it they’ll want more. It’s an easy way to get them to purchase.
  3. Repurpose your message. The more volatile the times, the less people want to hear about how you’re going to take them into a rollercoaster ride. What people want to know is how you’re going to protect their downside. Words like “maintain, ensure, stable, secure, we’ll protect you” – these are your next messages because that’s what people want to hear.
  4. Increase your fees. In volatile times purchasers defer to experts. They are willing to spend a little bit more for your expertise because right now they only have one chance with their money. You must have a premium offer, or what we call as the obnoxious offer.
  5. Joint venturing under a like customer. Co-promote complimentary services they have in your database and they will do the same for you.



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