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Kayvon | Entrepreneur's Sales School Ep. 34

Kayvon | Entrepreneur's Sales School Ep. 34

I don’t want to be known just as the closer. I want to be the person who is going to help people identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be. I guide them by asking the right questions.

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My special guest on this episode is Kayvon.

The media knows him as the One Call Closer™. He teaches Thought leaders, Consultants, Service Professionals how to close "High Ticket" offers in ONE phone call." 

He helps service professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants develop the skills and tools to close High-Paying clients without doing any selling over the phone. 

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3 Key Points

  • What I teach my team and other organizations I train is that, you don’t do the talking. 80% of the prospects should be speaking, and 20% is you asking the right questions. There are three reasons for asking the right questions – Discovery, Control, and Motivation. Discovery is knowing what their pains are or where they are coming from. Second is control, remember that the person asking the questions are the ones in control. If you lose that control, you lose closing a deal. Lastly, you get to create the motivation, it can either be created or discovered. The prospect needs to feel excited.
  • The greatest tool or techniques I use is the redirection questions. You answer the questions with another question. This allows you have constant control in the conversation with your prospect. If the prospect becomes more involved, they’ll be motivated and this is where you can actually close a deal with them.
  • When it comes to the financial gains, there’s one principle sellers have to live by, that is, you never ever mention price unless you deem a profitable reason for doing so. No matter how great your product is.



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