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Ep. 83 – A New Beginning

Ep. 83 – A New Beginning


This is the final episode of the It’s Time to Sell podcast – but don’t let this get you down. I am wrapping up the show to give way to a brand new podcast that I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to.

What’s New

Entrepreneur’s Sales School @ SalesSchool.io

It’s a daily show, around 4-7 minutes, where Calvin Simpson and I talk about marketing, sales, human-to-human selling, social selling, and social media – with the aim to help you, the entrepreneur, business owner and professional, attract new ideal clients to your business and help you become better at selling your product/service.

We will launch the daily podcast on the 10th of September at 6AM EST (7:30AM NL time). We also live stream our recordings on Facebook, so head over here to be part of the episode (ask questions, or just say hi).

Make Sales a Habit University

We are also going to launch a monthly membership community called Make Sales a Habit University. You will gain access to valuable resources that will allow you to make sales a habit and have a consistent flow of ideal clients and revenue to your business.

What to expect: Weekly webinars, live Q&A Sessions, accountability, and teaming up with other entrepreneurs.

Free Membership

We already have 60 people in the community, and we will be giving away a free membership every week, over the next 52 weeks! Just head over to http://www.chrisspurvey.com/subscribe to submit your entries.


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Entrepreneur’s Sales School Podcast will go LIVE on Sept 10th 2017 at http://salesschool.io

Submit your entries here to win your free membership: http://www.chrisspurvey.com/subscribe

Thank you for supporting and being part of the It’s Time to Sell Podcast. I hope you enjoyed listening to the guest’s stories and learned from their experiences.

See you at Entrepreneur’s Sales School!


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