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Ep. 83 – A New Beginning

Ep. 83 – A New Beginning


This is the final episode of the It’s Time to Sell podcast – but don’t let this get you down. I am wrapping up the show to give way to a brand new podcast that I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to.

What’s New

Entrepreneur’s Sales School @

It’s a daily show, around 4-7 minutes, where Calvin Simpson and I talk about marketing, sales, human-to-human selling, social selling, and social media – with the aim to help you, the entrepreneur, business owner and professional, attract new ideal clients to your business and help you become better at selling your product/service.

We will launch the daily podcast on the 10th of September at 6AM EST (7:30AM NL time). We also live stream our recordings on Facebook, so head over here to be part of the episode (ask questions, or just say hi).

Make Sales a Habit University

We are also going to launch a monthly membership community called Make Sales a Habit University. You will gain access to valuable resources that will allow you to make sales a habit and have a consistent flow of ideal clients and revenue to your business.

What to expect: Weekly webinars, live Q&A Sessions, accountability, and teaming up with other entrepreneurs.

Free Membership

We already have 60 people in the community, and we will be giving away a free membership every week, over the next 52 weeks! Just head over to to submit your entries.


Head over to to watch the episodes live. Don’t forget to LIKE the page to get notifications!

Entrepreneur’s Sales School Podcast will go LIVE on Sept 10th 2017 at

Submit your entries here to win your free membership:

Thank you for supporting and being part of the It’s Time to Sell Podcast. I hope you enjoyed listening to the guest’s stories and learned from their experiences.

See you at Entrepreneur’s Sales School!


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