It’s Time to Sell™ Show

Get strategies, Tactics and techniques for JUMPING THROUGH THE Fear of Sales



Are you;

  • An ENTREPRENEUR who believes in your product or service but, are struggling with sales? You now realize It’s Time to Sell;
  • A new to the profession SALES PROFESSIONAL who realizes It’s Time to Sell;
  • A Non-Sales Seller (If you are not in the above two categories, it is very likely you fall in this category). You realize that to progress in your career you need to become better at moving people. This category includes teachers, lawyers, doctors, consultants, marketing professionals etc… who realizes It’s Time to Sell.

We are launching June 1 with conversations that include:

  • Lisa Tener
  • Richard Brooke
  • Scott Oldford
  • Brynne Tillman
  • Jill Konrath
  • Chris Brogan
  • Dorie Clarke
  • Ari Galper
  • Bob Burg
  • Stuart Horwitz

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