Money is an Amplifier of Life not an Equator of Success with Richard Brooke of Life Shotz

If your clients values don’t match what you are selling, don’t sell it.

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Chris speaks with Richard Brooke, who never thought he would be a salesperson. In fact, he was an introvert that didn’t like anything about the sales process. He says that if you let it happen naturally, if you are truly curious about the other person and listen when the other person speaks you will succeed. And working backwards can help you to achieve your goals. Figure out your daily ratios so you know how you should be spending your time and how many conversations you need to have in a day.


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Key Takeaways

[2:35] Richard’s big change

[6:18] Someone showed interest when I was ready to listen

[7:50] I hated sales and the sales process

[9:50] The biggest mistake was pushing people around

[11:17] Tai chi approach to selling

[13:22] The break through

[16:28] If they don’t buy, I’m a failure

[18:55] Extraordinary memories will be our reflections

[24:44] What does selling look like on a daily basis?

[28:20] Humans are driven by ego’s

[30:12] Curiousity is listening and asking questions

[35:00] Strategies for maintaining focus

[35:14] Create a connection

[38:48] Baby steps

[43:23] All things Seth Godin


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