Overcoming your Fear of Becoming an Incredible Salesperson 

Helping somebody to make up their mind on their own is rewarding work. 

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Making sales an independent part of your business, even if your past is littered with limiting beliefs on what sales is, is the key to winning. Setting an authentic tone at the beginning of the process works for both you and your client as it is the stage on which you will both be performing throughout the engagement. Take time to consider, your family’s quality of life is directly linked to your sales efforts. Let go of the shame for it’s time to sell.


Key Takeaways:

[4:01] Sales was not an option for young Stuart 

[5:50] The rainmakers

[7:02] The necessary evil of sales

[8:21] Stuart made a pattern of lateness

[10:05] The key to future wins

[11:26] Sales = Quality of Life

[12:56] It’s time to sell

[16:58] Structure, process and revision of writing

[17:10] Sales in the top 5 activities

[19:45] Being authentic, even if you have crazy Eastern beliefs

[22:05] Stuart shares education strategies

[24:25] 365 Tao book

[26:50] Meditation as a tool

[29:25] Contact information for Stuart

[31:00] A prophet for revision



Book Architecture – Stuart Horowitz

365 Tao – Deng Ming-Dao

To Sell is Human – Daniel Pink 

Conscious Millionaire