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The Five-Minute Journal with Chris Spurvey

Chris explains why he loves using the five-minute journal and how it has helped him build consistency in his routine. 

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Chris Spurvey does a solo episode for the audience today. He does a quick walk through on his five-minute journal routine and why he believes it’s important for every entrepreneur or sales rep to take part in it. The right mindset can be the difference between achieving your goals or just sitting on the couch. Chris explains to the audience the first thing he does in the morning and how he ends his night on today’s episode. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:10] This year Chris made the decision to become a morning person. 

[3:05] The first thing Chris does when he wakes up is fill out a five-minute journal. 

[3:45] Chris will be walking through his five-minute journal process on today’s episode. 

[5:50] What are three things you’re grateful for? 

[9:50] What would make today great? 

[13:50] What’s your daily affirmation? 

[15:45] At night, you end the journal by focusing on some of the good things that happened that day. 

[16:25] How can I make my day better? 

[17:10] Chris explains how he gets into a good mental state before going to bed. 

[18:25] The energy that you put out is based on how much energy you currently have, which is why working out is so important. 

[19:10] Chris connected with his co-workers and had a very insightful call. 

[20:40] How could you have made today better? Chris didn’t spend a lot of time with his family. 

[22:30] Doing the five-minute journal everyday helps put consistency into your daily efforts. 

[22:40] Remember, a successful life is a composition of successful days.

[23:20] Thank you so much for listening and look out for Chris’s book coming out Labor Day weekend. 


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