Becoming a Sales-Minded Entrepreneur

I work with many entrepreneurs who are just beyond the inception phase.

They have formed their idea, built the plan and are now in execution mode. Many of these fine folks struggle to break out because they find the idea of sales daunting. Does this sound like you?

Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever Part 1 of 3

My prescription to make 2017 the best year of your life—yes, for the purposes of this article, consider me your doctor—is for you to make a point of getting up early a few mornings in a row during the holiday season. Get a fresh cup of coffee, fire up the fireplace, and light the tree. Get comfortable with a blank notebook and a pen, and begin to dream. Write down, in detail, how you want 2017 and beyond to look. Commit to carrying that piece of paper in your pocket everywhere you go during 2017. Take time to read it a few times a day, whenever you can get into a relaxed state of mind. I bet that next year at this time, when you look back at the year that you created, you will be in awe of what you have accomplished.