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Becoming a Sales-Minded Entrepreneur

Becoming a Sales-Minded Entrepreneur

I work with many entrepreneurs who are just beyond the inception phase.

They have formed their idea, built the plan and are now in execution mode. Many of these fine folks struggle to break out because they find the idea of sales daunting. Does this sound like you?

My personalized sales plan has now been downloaded over 20,000 times. I get emails every day from people saying "Chris, this plan is really doable for me". 

Here it is for you to download. The short assessment (it takes 90 seconds) will direct you to the sales plan that is geared towards your personality.

This past week I gave a presentation to a fine group of female entrepreneurs here in Newfoundland. All in attendance were members of an organization NLOWE. It was a great time. The title of my presentation was Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set. I had some very challenging questions directed my way. I loved the challenge.

One lady asked me "Chris, I have been in administration all my career but now the owner would like me to get out and do sales. How do I get started and is my age a negative factor?"

In this video I share my answer. Please share your thoughts or comments below.

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