Work With Chris

Consulting and Coaching

I’m offering a limited amount of advising and business strategy to owners and leadership teams. Its sales and business strategy resulting  in consistent growth. The output of the process is something we collaborate on deciding together, but I’ll give you a sense of what gets covered.

Advising, Strategy, and Coaching

The process starts with working on the clarity of your vision and working through your commitment to that vision and how that’s integrated into your actions and sales process. We move from that into understanding your buyers and how you interact with them. We work through your sales process and outreach efforts to find what ticks for you and your buyers.

I’ve done this kind of work with huge companies and I’ve done it with solopreneurs. The concepts are similar. The execution is what’s different.

What’s the Process Like?

The way we work together is largely through email and text, with zoom or phone calls once per month or every two weeks (depending on the package you choose). We work together for a committed six months on these goals. That gives us enough time to measure and adjust and work harder on the process.

The work to be done is mostly on your side, but I’m there for guidance, new ideas and advising along the way. That’s the whole purpose. I’m here to help you execute on your vision and to commit to a practice that will get you there – we MAKE SALES A HABIT.

Would You Like to Work With Me?

I’ve got very limited openings, but if you’re interested, just drop me an email: chris @ chrisspurvey . com, and let’s talk about it.

I look forward to connecting.

Speaking and Interviews

What do attendees of your event or listeners of your show really want? They’ve come to you for the latest trends and ideas on how to grow their business.

Insight, Action and Personable Humor

My role in your event or show is to mash the best of what I know against my research about your industry and conversations I have with your attendees and listeners, and turn it into something of value and action and fun. Look, I’m not a juggler or a magician but I am also not a stuffy suit. My job is to deliver value AND make you look good for hiring me.

Right For Your Event or Show?

I speak for leadership, sales, and marketing events mostly. I’ve also spoken for HR events, many dozens of professional association events, as well as private corporate team events. I’ve got speeches ranging from under an hour to a speech plus a workshop, and don’t forget the opportunity for book signings!


Here’s a brief sample of the many topics I can cover.

  • Human to Human Selling
  • Attracting Ideal Clients Through Personal Branding
  • Telling Your Story/Value Proposition
  • Marketing Automation

The Process of Booking Me

It’s pretty darned easy, actually. Just drop me an email: [email protected], and let’s talk about it.

I look forward to connecting.


“Chris Spurvey’s session at the No Longer Virtual conference left the participants full of ideas and inspiration. His premise, embracing your natural talents to improve professional outcomes, particularly in sales, resonated with all of us. What I appreciate the most is his warmth and sense of humor, which brings everyone in the room on a journey together.”
– Sarah Elkins NLV Organizer
“Chris gave a great talk to a room full of entrepreneurs and potential start-ups. Everyone walked away with a new and different way to view sales.” – Kim Hickman, Business Portals Inc.
“Chris was both entertaining and inspirational, he made the FIT For Work Team think differently about sales and the value we bring to our customers! – Renee Dyer, FIT For Work